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Press release February 27 - English

Micronics To Receive Patents On Miniaturized Flow Cytometry Technology

REDMOND, Wash., USA (February 27, 2003) - BusinessWire - Micronics, Inc. today announced that it has received notices of allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office that two of its exclusively licensed patent applications that relate to flow cytometry will issue as U.S. patents.

Micronics, Inc. is an emerging leader in the development of point-of-use systems that allow real-time answers to health questions while at the physician's office, home, workplace, school, and other public places. These systems include portable and handheld units with integrated laboratory-tests-on-a-card ("lab cards"), as well as stand alone, single use lab cards being developed to provide rapid, cost-effective results in infectious diseases testing, nucleic acid testing, blood type analysis, cancer testing, and respiratory disease testing.

One of the applications that Micronics is pursuing with its technology platforms is the development of a credit-card sized flow cytometer lab card that enables analysis of changes in an individual's white blood cells as a result of exposure to chemical or biological agents. Micronics' flow cytometer lab card also is intended for use by both public and private sector personnel in detecting pathogens and toxins in air, soil and water samples. Micronics' flow cytometer platform employs single use, disposable lab cards into which untreated sample, such as a droplet of whole blood, may be placed directly. Reagents and waste are stored on the card. Analysis of the cells is performed off-card using optics that are incorporated into a portable unit into which the card is inserted.

The patents that are issuing cover the disposable, hematology lab card and methods of blood analysis, and the assembly of sheath channels within the card that permit the focusing of cells, beads and other particles for detection.

Micronics is the exclusive licensee of this technology that was invented by researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Micronics, Inc. is a leading provider of custom designed microfluidics-based lab cards on behalf of clients worldwide. The company also sells its ultra-low-pulse microFlow System to researchers in industry, academia and government to enable the analysis of fluids in flow using greatly reduced volumes of samples and reagents over current macro-scale instruments commonly used in laboratories today. Additional company information may be found at